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Fuck my last status update. I deleted it.
A peacock just screeched and I yelped-
So my cat just ate a dead lizard-
what the hell-
What Tomsworld character would you describe me as?
You matter
Hello, my name's Toy. I just want to let you know that you deserve it, you should love yourself, and you're a good person! So fuck everybody who says you're not, I'll metaphorically beat them with a plastic bat. Which, personally, it actually does hurt. So it'll hurt if they're saying that you're not cool, and if they're saying that you shouldn't be happy then they'll get a bat in the face! It really hurts! 


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My main goal is to help others feel better. I want to help in any way I can.
A remake of my first journal lmao-

1. TW Matt keeps a spray bottle of holy water next to his bed in case CT comes into his room at 3 am
2. TW Tom sneezes like a kitten
3. Corruptom's tail wags when he is happy
4. TW Edd makes a monster-like growl when he's mad
5. Corruptom wakes TW Matt up by throwing him at a wall or pouring freezing cold water on him
6. TW Tord makes out with his reflection
7. Corruptom randomly throws maggots at people
8. Corruptom and TW Edd have really long and sharp nails 
9. When TW Tom has a nightmare or gets really scared, Corruptom comforts him and calms him down
10. TW Tom s afraid of getting shots at the doctor's office

That's all there is now lmao
I was new to Tomsworld when I made my first journal 

Inspired by: 
tomsworld headcanons (warning: dumb)- tw matt cooks like this:
- tw tord has an aesthetic tumblr blog with two followers, some dude he doesn't know about and tw tom (who he doesn't know is tom because he's a dumbass)
- corruptom is subscribed to sleepykinq and about 100 other dead channels that have... erm... strange videos
- when tw tom snaps after tw matt's bullshit has reached the maximum level he starts calling everyone facehead and has the most dead look
- tw tom does a lot of stupid dances (based off the "MOM" gif and "let's get loud")
*music stops playing, ad plays*
corruptom: wOOoOo 
*dumb dancing*
- tw tord's horns are completely solid; tw edd once used him as a battering ram because of this (asdffsd im imagining him using one of his horns to open a bottle im fuckin dying-)
- tw edd likes to throw people (especially tord)
-tw matt draws abs on himself with eyeliner
- corruptom yells shit off roofs at 3 am
- then




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<3 Feel better soon
ToyArcticAJ-TOY Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
ToyArcticAJ-TOY Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
Your welcome!
ToyArcticAJ-TOY Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
I'm better now. Make a little piece of vent art and venting a bit made me feel calmer.
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